NUDA is a conveniently located one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs. In today’s world, where time is money, and where most people run from one thing to the next, grouping all of your services in a single environment is priceless.

We all need a little pampering from time to time. Pollution and stress are only two reasons for you to take care of your skin. Nuda offers quality products and services to counter the effects of a fast paced lifestyle on your skin, so next time you come in for a cut and style, indulge in one of our facials!
Hydradermie - Male & Female 1h30+ 95$+
Hydradermie Lift - Male & Female 1h30+ 75$+
Aromatic - Male & Female 1h30 95$+
Beauté neuve - Male & Female 1h 100$+
Liftosome - Male & Female 1h30 110$+

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